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Ready to play pain-free?

Are you a golfer hindered by pain? We have the perfect solution for you. Introducing Golf Rub 1.0, the all-natural, fast-acting pain relief designed specifically for golfers. Crafted by golfers, for golfers, our product combines the best of nature and science to give you effective relief. Now, you can focus on your swing, and forget about your pain. Embrace the game, banish the pain, and choose Golf Rubs. Unleash your potential today!”

Symptoms of Golf Pain

Some of the typical symptoms associated with golfing include:

Pain and tenderness on the inside of the elbow
Stiffness and difficulty in bending the arm
Weakness in the hand and wrist

Numbness or tingling in the fingers, especially the ring and little fingers

Embrace the Game.

Banish the Pain.

We know the love for the game, and we understand the discomfort that can come with crafting your own swing. That’s why we created Golf Rub 1.0, a blend of botanicals and therapeutic compounds designed to ease muscle and joint discomfort.


The carefully selected ingredients in Golf Rub 1.0, including Arnica, clove oil, and peppermint oil, work together to provide a comforting sensation when massaged into the affected area.

Don't Let Pain Steal Your Swing.

Balm On, Swing Strong – that’s our motto at Golf Rubs. We understand the frustration that comes with golf-related discomfort, and we want to help you get back to enjoying the game you love. Our Golf Rub 1.0 is:

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Don’t let golf pain hold you back from the game you love. Try Golf Rub 1.0 and experience the comforting sensation it provides. Choose from our three options: sample size (100mg), standard size (1000mg, 2oz), or save money with a monthly subscription. Click the button below to purchase Golf Rub 1.0 and take the first step toward a more comfortable golf experience.


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