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Your Ultimate Golfing Companion: Balm On, Swing Strong


Golf Rub 1.0 is a specially formulated CBD balm designed to help golfers find comfort and support on and off the green. Our unique blend of high-quality, American-grown and extracted CBD oils, combined with carefully selected natural ingredients, targets common golf-related discomforts. Experience a pain-free round of golf with Golf Rub 1.0 in your bag.



Superior Absorption Rate

Golf Rub 1.0 boasts an impressive 70% absorption rate, far outperforming most topicals on the market with a 15-20% absorption rate. Absorption rate is the speed at which the body absorbs CBD from the applied oils. This means you get more effective support where you need it most.

Powerful, Natural Ingredients:

Our handcrafted CBD balm contains 13 ingredients, with 11 of them being active. We’ve chosen only the best to create a synergistic blend that works harmoniously to provide you with the support you need. Ingredients include:

Designed for Golfers:

Golf Rub 1.0 targets common golf-related discomforts such as golfer’s elbow, wrist pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, and knee pain, providing soothing relief and support to help you focus on your game.

Compliant and Confident:

We’re careful not to make any direct medical claims. However, we believe in the power of our product to provide comfort and support for golfers.

Your Golf Journey Awaits

Rediscover the joy and freedom of playing golf without the nagging discomforts and pain. With Golf Rub 1.0, you can embark on your golf journey once again.

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